Pink & Ruby Buckles are pleased to introduce this developmental league for up and coming stallions!

$500,000 total purse for Young Guns nominated progeny.

$250K 2D Futurity + $250K 2D Derby to be held prior to the 2024 Pink Buckle Barrel Race.

Limited to 150 stallions.


To encourage growth and genetic diversity within the barrel racing industry through the promotion of young stallions’ progeny. Cultivate a proving ground for young stallions’ progeny that allows them to compete on a national platform and amass earnings without having to compete against established stallions’ progeny.


Young Gun Stallions can only be enrolled for a limited timeframe. A stallion is eligible for enrollment until his oldest foal crop turns 8 years old. After the stallion’s first foal crop has reached 8 years old, he can no longer be considered a ‘Young Guns’ stallion. Thus, ‘aging out’ of the program.

The competition is limited to Futurity and Derby aged offspring. Young Guns stallions’ offspring compete against other Young Guns stallions’ offspring only.


*If your stallion meets the age requirement, he is eligible to be enrolled and have an additional competition option to boost his progeny earnings.

*Analytical data will be provided to help stallion owners and breeders evaluate stallion compared to other young up and coming stallions.


A stallion is eligible if his oldest foal crop is not older than 8 yrs old in 2024. A stallion’s eligibility is based on the first year he bred mares. For example, if the stallion bred mares in 2020 he would be eligible for enrollment in Young Guns until 2029 which is when his first foal crop would be 8 yrs old.


Total purse payout is 80% owner / 10% breeder / 10% stallion owner.


Stallion owner investment $5,000/ yr 

Foal/horse owner investment $200/yr for as long as they wish to compete

Contestants/owners entry fee ($500 per class) to enter competition

FMI  [email protected]